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We get it: a wax is about as much fun as pulling your hair out, and bikini waxing especially can be a huge pain in the pubes. But that’s no reason to only ever focus on the downsides! Waxing, in general, provides more options than other traditional hair removals. From different types of wax to at-home waxing kits or sitting back and letting a professional handle it, waxing is a great choice that enables you to tailor many choices. Those are just the cold, hard logistics, though. An exciting part is that with a bikini wax, pubic hairstyles are suddenly a viable realm of self-expression.

What to Consider Before Your Bikini Waxing
Whether you’re seasoned or an utter newbie, always take control of your wax session. If skin sensitivity or previous experiences dictate you have extra considerations, make requests beforehand, and speak up when necessary. Ask any questions you may have. You can inquire into an establishment’s waxes and estheticians to ensure you’ll be satisfied with results.

To that end, remember the esthetician isn’t an unapproachable wax deity. They should be a knowledgeable professional who’s helpful and will work to make your experience smooth and speedy.
And for yourself, know that after bikini waxing, you’ll be sensitive down there. Wear some of your softest, most comfortable underwear or skip them altogether afterward. Make sure your bottoms aren’t restrictive either; loose pants or a skirt is safe.
Finally, the most interesting part: what look are you going for? Just touching things up? — sporting a soul patch? — totally bare? Are you down to throw a butt wax into the mix? Weigh your options and current preferences.

Bikini Line Wax
Sometimes called the

Touch Up
Bikini Line is the most minimal bikini wax available. It’s closest to going natural, and thus perfect for the colder months or just if you prefer more coverage. As the name suggests, it cleans up hair that would peek out from the edges of your panty line. Think natural-ish but neater.

Full Bikini Wax
Sometimes called the

The Full Bikini takes the bikini line approach and dials it up. It still leaves hair coverage, but takes more off the sides and also the top. This begins to allow for custom styling, such as rounded edges or a bit triangular. If you want to wear something a little more revealing while still leaving much of your pubic hair intact, this is a solid choice. It’s perfect for any time of year.

French Wax
This summer stunner gets rid of most hair at the front, taking some (or most) off the top and almost all of it at the sides. A French bikini wax also removes hair from out the middlemost underside, but it doesn’t go around the back. It does leave room for a cute little patch of hair such as a landing strip or a small square or triangle, though. Of course, there won’t be a super large amount of hair to work with when getting a French bikini. It’s a playful style nonetheless, giving you a smooth expanse without going overboard.

Brazilian Wax
A basic Brazilian wax definition is similar to the drastic Hollywood style detailed below — a full wax from front to back. That is accurate to an extent. Others find it more akin to a French bikini wax, just going a little further back (right on into your booty). That can be accurate, too! While a Brazilian will usually involve a butt wax and sometimes full front wax, the style is ultimately a versatile one, and actually encompasses a range of different waxings.

Brazilian Mini:

This wax takes all the hair off the front without going in for the usual Brazilian butt wax.
Full Brazilian: A classic Brazilian usually keeps some hair for you upfront, but will still fully wax everywhere else — labia, sides, and underside, extending into a butt wax. Aside from the Mini, that’s a standard routine for any other Brazilian waxes.
These are a favorite for waxing simple shapes into pubic hair. You can leave greater coverage than with a French (as much as just removing along the bikini line) while making everything else smooth as can be. Occasionally, it refers to a total front-to-back wax, like the Hollywood.

Brazilian Plus: A full Brazilian wax (whatever that entails in the particular situation) plus a little off the stomach. If you’re rocking a happy trail beneath your belly button but would rather not, a Brazilian Plus wax has you covered.

Hollywood Wax
Everything must go! This style is technically the most extreme bikini wax because it has no hairier variations like the Brazilian. Although, as we mentioned, some Brazilian waxing treatments can be equally severe, or delve into additional body waxing. But a Hollywood will never leave you guessing like an unspecified Brazilian might. With a Hollywood bikini wax, no hair is left behind — from front to under to behind itself. You’ll know smoothness as you’ve never known before and probably learn some other things about your newly bare nether regions as well.

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